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Green Colour Day


IMG_20160229_115756Foundation Stage children exhibit more independent learning, classroom involvement and productivity in work with peers.  Children experience learning through child-centered project work in an unhurried setting.  Children have more time to develop and use oral language in a variety of settings throughout the day.  As an extension of our activities the children were encouraged to come dressed in their favourite attire.  20160229_112837They had their free play time with colour GREEN. The colour GREEN song and power point was an educative part of the day as it supported  the children to strengthen and deepen their current learning and development.

 Using the outdoor environment the children were able to gather information about the world around them and increase their awareness that colour GREEN is used in a variety of ways to give information. The children were taken on a ‘Green Hunt’ and were supplied with plastic containers to store their catch so that they could bring them indoors to observe more closely.  It was a fun learning experience.

Each child went home with a take home craft as their piece of art work .

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