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ECO Friendly Week

(17th-20th April 2016)

IMG_2178The Foundation Stage students started their Eco Friendly Week by singing a song “Go Green” and were then introduced to the 3R’s, that is, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

 To reinforce the concept of the 3R’s, Multimedia Integration was of utmost importance. They were able to visually grasp the concept of the 3R’s in detail, as well as contribute towards their understanding based on real life application, through a power point presentation.

 Eco Friendly Week, was dedicated to giving them hands on knowledge, on the importance of growing trees, to maintain a “Green Planet”. They were given the opportunity to plant seeds in disposable cups, and the same were kept in the Recycle Garden, of the school. They were also able to observe the various objects that had been recycled such as, plastic spoons, tin cans, bottle lids, tires, cd’s and plastic bottles, to create various ornaments and decorations.IMG_2174

The students, were able to discuss their knowledge on ECO Week, sing the “Go Green” song and identify the methods of implementing the 3R’s practically, in their daily lives.

The Eco Friendly Week was all about developing an understanding, through play and playful teaching to make the world a better place!


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