For your queries and concerns,Please contact on 9716-7406272,971-582743894(KG1 & KG2),9716-7424440,971-588779781(Grade 1 to 4),9716-7444327,971-559213325(Grade 5 to A Level).For BTEC,Please contact on 971-554415114. British International School – Facilities

Set in an attractive campus and conveniently located in the heart of the city, British International School offers students a stimulating learning environment with a variety of features and facilities.


  • We have introduced Robotics hands on activities this academic year to make students aware of how the technology has integrated into real life and revolutionized this era.
  • In Robotics, children will build moving models using Lego bricks as well as sensors and motors thus motivating students to collaborate, build, problem-solve, and explore.
  • As the children are already working on scratch programming in ICT , Robotics models are connected to the computer and programmed using a simple programming tool , thus enhancing the logical thinking among the learners.

Sports and Outdoor Facilities

A football ground, a basketball court and cricket -nets complement a multipurpose indoor sports hall for activities like table tennis, indoor basketball and gymnasium. A separate, well equipped play space and outdoor learning area are available for students in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

School Green house

Greenhouse gardening enriches the curriculum at BIS. The greenhouse is integrated as a learning environment offering boundless opportunities for promoting student responsibility and helping them become curious observers and active inquirers.

It also helps develop students’ confidence and pride as they display and share the fruits (and vegetables and flowers) of their   labour.

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Medical Care

The school has a well-equipped medical clinic under the control of a full-time nurse who works in liaison with a visiting doctor. Whenever specialized medical aid is required, emergency transport is available to take the student to seek further medical assistance.

Book Store

Textbooks, workbooks and stationery are available at the school store in accordance with prescribed books for each class,

School Canteen

A clean and well –stocked canteen sells healthy snacks and drinks during break times. Hygiene and strict quality control of food are regarded as top priorities.

Rock Garden

The whole point of rock gardening is to grow little plants.With limited space, the miniature landscape of a rock garden is a good alternative to the conventional garden. The usual arrangement is placing rocks to form a garden and let plants grow from soil between rocks. At BIS, we have created our own rock garden with a variety of plants. The garden is beautified with a small rock mountain with water flowing through it. Across the garden,there is a display which help our students learn about the different types of rocks from the curriculum point of view but in an interesting way. Rocks in a garden are vital for water conservation. They stabilize ground surface moisture level, by slowing evaporation, thereby reducing your need to water the plants regularly.




Butterfly Garden
Butterfly gardens are not only important for your local schoolyard habitat but they can increase student engagement and curiosity in the classroom. By planting a butterfly garden we have created an interactive classroom for our children to be engaged in the natural world. This outdoor classroom can be a tool to incorporate hands-on activities for every subject! By planting a garden in the school or afterschool program, children will develop a connection with the outdoors from an early age. This enriching experience for children will be something that they will keep with them for the rest of their lives. Creating a butterfly garden can engage students in the natural world and enrich their learning experience.
The Butterfly garden at BIS, also houses bird feeders thereby attracting them for pollination.

Recycle Garden

At BIS, an area is allotted for this very cause labeled as the ‘Recycle Garden’ where paper and metal recycling is a norm. Papers are the main form of wastes making up at least a quarter of the total wastes. Recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution compared to the paper made from raw materials. In order to reduce the paper waste, students of BIS created wonderful paper bags that were used during the harvest festival in our school. The students have also put together used bottle caps of various colours to make pieces of decoration beautifying the recycle garden. Recycling is not only an important step towards reducing pollution but also a fun activity especially when done in groups. The recycle garden at BIS is a fantastic platform for students to explore their creative side as well as understand the importance of protecting our environment.

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