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Kindergarten 1  

Orange and Oval Day – Wednesday, 20th February 2019 

The colour ‘Orange’ is named after the appearance of the ripe orange fruit.  Orange is the colour between red and yellow in the spectrum of light. 

Colour is the topic and at British International School a jump straight into the colour ‘Orange’ where a collection of activities based around ‘Orange’ and the shape ‘Oval’ made learning fun. 

A summary of shades of ‘Orange’ made the difference.   It was a colour of amusement and entertainment.  Our little ones looked dazzling and their perception was reinforced through a Quiz on the colour orange and shape oval.  An orange relay as part of their class mechanics added value to classroom teaching and learning. 

A variety of play based activities to reinforce learning was part of the colour game and activities.   Under the orange umbrella all our educational activities had a positive impact on learning and gave our students a clear sense of colour and its importance. 

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