For your queries and concerns,Please contact on 9716-7406272,971-582743894(KG1 & KG2),9716-7424440,971-588779781(Grade 1 to 4),9716-7444327,971-559213325(Grade 5 to A Level).For BTEC,Please contact on 971-554415114. British International School – A Visit to Kidzania

The more you read,

The more things you will know.

The more you learn,

The more places you’ll go!!!!!!

At British International School, we truly believe in the above said quote by Dr. Sevss. So  BIS family organized an Educational trip to a homeschool family “ kidzania” for grade 1-6 on the 25th of  February,2017.

We started our journey at 8 O’Clock in the morning and reached around 9 O’ Clock to the magnificient Dubai Mall , where the children’s favourite destination- Kidzania  is located.

We received a warm welcome from the team of Kidzania in the form of a spectacular flashmob. After the mesmerizing performance, the children were given a bank note for 50 kidos. The children had to go to the bank and get their money. The receipt of money brought about an energetic smile to their face.

The children walked around the streets deciding the places they wanted to go to “work” or to be a customer. They had to pay to perform jobs such as becoming a firefighter, preparing pizza, coke, nursing and so on.

Some children showed their bravery by becoming a firefighter and saved the burning hotel, while some auditioned for a play. Some set up a medical check up, while some junior master chefs prepared tasty coke and delicious Pizza.

The excitement of relishing on their own preparation of coke and pizza was worth watching. The children were excited right from being a firefighter to a coke bottler. They even earned for every job they did, which they could utilize the way they wanted.

Each activity took around 20-30 minutes. The sight to see the children  patiently waiting for their turn was a treat. The children even grooved to the music. Though it was time to go, but still we could sense the excitement of children to stay there for some more time. They weren’t willing to leave so soon. This willingness to stay there served our motto to give the children the best hands-on experience.

As it is said “Nothing beats an exciting hands-on experience to deepen learning. The magic of an educational trip isn’t just the subject. It is the break in routine and adventure that opens up children’s mind to new things.”

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