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Kindergarten Grandparents Day – 10th October 2018

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Grandparents are made so kids get extra love.  Quality moments made all the difference at British International School.  The grandparents were welcomed warmly by the faculty and had a fun filled morning.  A colourful environment that activated learning was organized to strengthen the unique bond between kids and their grandparents.

British International School goes beyond ABCs and 123s to instil skills of confidence, communication and collaboration.  Magical moments with hugs and kisses and captured photographs made the morning extra special.  Pictures sent in by parents was displayed and moments were celebrated.   The photo booth enabled all our grandparents to capture quality pictures and the day was not complete without crazy pics and memories to keep.  Giving our Grandparents a happy start was the aim of our celebration. It was a wonderful opportunity to experience Grandparent’s Day at British International School.   Being able to touch their grandchild, take a closer look and visit the classrooms made this an experience to cement the love grandparents generally have for their little ones.

  Our Principal addressed the grandparents warmly and excitement and enthusiasm was visible all around.

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