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Kindergarten Orientation Day 2019

A connection between school – The purpose of our Orientation Day was to introduce students to their new school and to allow teachers at school to meet their new students.  A successful classroom which invited our little ones to explore the Learning Areas and get them energized about starting school, was showcased on the evening of our Orientation.  The children got to meet some of their classmates and participate in some introductory activities.  While the children were involved in activities, the parents were able to meet the teacher for an overview of the kindergarten program.

During the parent session, each aspect of Kindergarten was briefly explained.  Teachers shared specific information about arrival to school, bus dispersal and children using own transport.  Discussion on healthy eating, classroom schedules and attendance also contributed to the class discussion.  The teachers informed the parents that British International School was a garden where children learn through play, as they take their first steps into the big world.  The teachers ensured the parents that an environment is created which is deeply focused on nurturing each child where they will enjoy learning and develop a passion for knowledge.  The parents were informed that achievements are celebrated and challenges are viewed as opportunities.  Our little learners would be motivated to think, explore, experiment, investigate and grow a thinking mind.

Ms. Nicola East Head of FS Teaching and Learning and the year coordinators created an experimental learning environment where they explained about the curriculum, hands-on-learning and real life application.

Our Game Zone an added attraction was the highlight of our Orientation evening. The faculty organized special activities in which the kids and their parents together could tune into their ‘golden moments’ recognizing something very special.

All those present celebrated their golden moments. The day rounded off with gratitude and smiles and memorable moments to cherish as our little ones walked home with an LED balloon and snacks for the evening.

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