For your queries and concerns,Please contact on 9716-7406272,971-582743894(KG1 & KG2),9716-7424440,971-588779781(Grade 1 to 4),9716-7444327,971-559213325(Grade 5 to A Level).For BTEC,Please contact on 971-554415114. British International School – Kindergarten Parent Teacher Meeting – 19th January

Positive connections between parents and teachers have shown to improve children’s academic achievement, social competencies and emotional well-being. When parents and teachers work as partners, children do better in school and at home.
With these intentions a 2nd Parent Teacher Meeting was scheduled to discuss children’s attitude, school routines and their relationship with peers in terms of participation and willingness.
The parents received positive feedback on their child’s individual behaviour, the foundational learning concepts and how well they progressed at school and their interaction between teachers and other children. Working in partnership with parents and consulting them about children’s experiences was the aim of our PTM. A genuine commitment to work co-operatively with parents was a key factor at BIS Kindergarten.
Opportunities for talking to parents and spontaneous exchanges generated useful information. A trusting and warm relationship helped our parents to understand that staff value their knowledge and understanding of their child. At BIS there was a true commitment to parent partnership. Celebrating what our students had achieved and looking for ways of building interest and achievements was reflected through our Parent Teacher Meeting.

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