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Kindergarten – UAE Flag Day 3rd November

In celebration of UAE Flag Day British International School was decked out in red, green, white and black balloons. Mini flags fluttering from their hands was part of the national occasion. The students of Kindergarten took part in the celebration and rich information about the UAE Flag, the purpose of celebrating Flag Day and what each colour represented was shared with all students and then they sang the country’s National Anthem and hoisted the flag atop their kindergarten block.

In celebration of the UAE Flag Day, our very own students dressed in the colours of the UAE as well as their traditional wear brought back memories of the UAE people and their efforts. Flag Day enabled our faculty and students to show respect to this country by sharing its culture and national celebrations. The kindergarten students stood with joy and pride and love for the UAE as they had music to entertain them.

Strength and growth of our Flag Day was a result of collaboration and team approach. The faculty loved working with the little ones and nothing could be more rewarding than setting a learning goal and having the children work towards that goal and achieve it as a team.

Excitement and enthusiasm was visible all around. The different shades of the UAE colours gave our students a clear sense of colour and its importance.

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