For your queries and concerns,Please contact on 9716-7406272,971-582743894(KG1 & KG2),9716-7424440,971-588779781(Grade 1 to 4),9716-7444327,971-559213325(Grade 5 to A Level).For BTEC,Please contact on 971-554415114. British International School – Kindergarten – UAE Flag Day, November 3rd 2020

Patriotic spirit was part of the national occasion. Flag Day was marked at British International School with the elements of national identity.  The kindergarten students sang the country’s National Anthem and had a virtual flag day.   Our very own students dressed in the colours of the UAE as well as their traditional wear brought back memories of the efforts and the people of the UAE.  It was a great introduction for our children into the culture of our host country.

Activities to support learning like Colour sorting flag where our little ones collected together toys in each of the colours of the UAE Flag to match them was a great way of expressing their ideas.  Through various clues and challenges they completed different tasks.  Food flags an additional activity to serve up a healthy plate of snacks was a perfect activity as it increased memory power, coordination and understanding.

The significance of each colour and the purpose of celebrating Flag Day were the highlights of the UAE Flag Day as our very own students put in their best efforts to celebrate this national event.

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