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        One of the most interesting and perhaps the hardest concepts to teach a child is “colour”, but at the same time they love anything bright and colourful, isn’t the fact very interesting?

We at British International School have our own ways to introduce to our little angels different concepts, so our innovative team left a long lasting impression of ‘RED Colour’ and ‘Circle Day’ on the little minds by celebrating the much awaited colour and shape day on a grand scale.  Cute faces all dressed in red colour had food in their meals as well.  The colour game had audio instructions and fun animations and sounds to help keep learning fun.  The story session, show and tell and activities on RED further strengthened the RED Colour recognition. 

The little ones enjoyed their day to the fullest and learned the RED Colour and shape as well.  The ‘GAME ZONE’ an added attraction with games like the ‘Balloon Tennis’ and the obstacle race added fun and frolic to the days event.  Outdoor play to promote active learning with effective adult support for our students to enjoy learning was a key aspect. Their choice of being alone, be alongside others and cooperate as they play was an essential part of the day’s program.  The Music Corner, Play Doh Corner, Face Painting and ‘Meet Mr. Red’ our Discovery Box added warm positive interaction to the day. 

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