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    Workshop on the “Functions of Misbehavior” in children


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The Inclusion and Counseling Department of BIS arranged a workshop regarding ‘Functions of Misbehavior’ on 4th of October, 2017 for the primary teachers. The workshop was presented by a certified Behavior consultant, Ms. Minha Ikram. The Inclusion Team, Miss Rubinaz and Miss Shazia have attended the class along with the teachers.

Minha Ikram is a Behavior Consultant Certified by the American Board for
Behavior Analysts. She completed her postgraduate coursework from
Florida Tech University U.S.A. This has given her an immense knowledge
of Behavior Analytical skills and expertise in conducting Assessments,
designing & developing Treatment Plans/IEPs, writing Reports, developing
Behavior Intervention Plans and conducting Social Skills programs etc.

She’s currently attached to an
Autism/Special Needs Center in Dubai Healthcare City.
She is a qualified Special Educator and also a trained teacher. Over 11
years of experience teaching in mainstream schools as well as in special
education centres, have given her a wealth of experience, knowledge and
skills to handle learners in a wide age range and diverse needs. She has
experience working with 2.5 year-old toddlers to 32 year-old adults with
special needs. She is particularly interested in Early Intensive Behavior
Intervention for young children with Autism.
Her passion and interests are to train Parents, SEN-Coordinators, Teachers, Shadow Teachers and others who are interested in learning children’s behavior and managing it in a better way.

The main points dealt in the workshop were;

  1. Types of challenging behaviors
  2. Reasons why children misbehave
  3. How do we change problem behavior
  4. Principals of behavior analysis
  5. Strategic responses to prevent negative behaviors

The workshop was very effective and informative for all the teachers.

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