Dance a Thon and Blue Color Day

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Dance a Thon and Blue Color Day

The students of Foundation Stage were introduced in an interesting way to music and movement. They swayed gracefully and moved with the beat of the music. They enjoyed their Dance-a-thon which was highly exciting. They moved and danced to different groovy, energetic and fun filled songs helping them to enjoy their morning to the fullest. Clubbed with dance a thon was their ‘Blue Day and the Foundation Stage corridors was decorated in a highly structured design with blue balloons and ribbons to promote children learning, stimulate their interest and enhance their holistic development. To stimulate and enrich their learning process games such as hunting for blue objects, display of blue objects for children to talk about and face painting were the day’s mechanics. Dance a thon and Blue Day songs: · Shake and move children’s song by Patty Shukla · Kids Game Theme song · I’m a Gummy Bear · Blue color song

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