Purple Colour Day (Foundation Stage)

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Purple Colour Day (Foundation Stage)

2The Foundation Stage students waltzed into the spirit of Purple Colour Day, by coming dressed, in Purple. The Foundation Stage corridors were decorated with lanterns, of light and dark shades of purple.
A peppy song on colour ‘Purple’ was enjoyed by the students. An inquiry based learning opportunity, with the use of Power point presentation on the objects, purple in colour. also added to their learning experience. Students were given the opportunity, one to operate the computer and the other to ask questions about the colour, and the objects on each slide.
They also participated in a game of, “Passing the Purple object”. 4The students had great fun passing a purple coloured object to the music of colour ‘Purple’. The music would stop randomly and the student holding the object had to name a Purple colour object. Every student was given an opportunity to shine, and was then rewarded with a purple coloured heart sticker, on the cheek.
Last but not the least, the students were given the opportunity to enhance their sense on the Colour Purple, by exploring purple colour resources, to paint, paste and colour, through collaborative and individual art and craft activities. The grand finale of “Peppy Purple Day”, was a take home, purple hand printflower and a lingering tune, about Purple Colour to hum to, all the way home.
(P-u-r-p-l-e Purple//)

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