For your queries and concerns,Please contact on 9716-7406272,971-582743894(KG1 & KG2),9716-7424440,971-588779781(Grade 1 to 4),9716-7444327,971-559213325(Grade 5 to A Level).For BTEC,Please contact on 971-554415114. British International School

We applaud the amazing efforts of our Grade 4 students, Essa Tauqeer from 4C and Reol Jared from 4H, who participated in the 2023 RE-NEW Our WORLD Challenge! They fared well in their endeavours as they were among a few finalists from a host of entrants to appear at the Awards Ceremony held on Sunday, 4th June 2023 at the SEE Institute, Dubai. Their dedication to protecting our planet is truly inspiring

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