384A5838Variety is the spice of life. Life without feasts and celebrations is charm less and lifeless. So is true in case of school life, without functions and celebrations school life becomes monotonous and uninteresting.

The most awaited and the most happening event –The Musical Travelogue was indeed a huge success. The vibrance, confidence, grace and the potential exhibited by the students truly surprised each one of us present there.

It was indeed a perfect occasion where every child showcased his ability in the best possible manner. The beams of laughter, screams and shouts, fun and joy filled the school auditorium with enthusiasm.

The school chairman, Dr.Mohammad.Tariq was very impressed with the entire show put up and expressed his happiness.

Musical travelogue-indeed was a journey that created uncountable beautiful memories for each one of us to be cherished for a lifetime. It was the rising of some SUPERSTARS in British International School, Ajman.

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