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IMG_2081The Second Annual Sports Festival held at BIS from 18th to 24th January was filled with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere.

Confidence is what a child gains while doing March Past. The confidence was evident during the march past. It exhibited discipline and hardcore practice of the students.

The day began with the auspicious recitation from the Quran followed by its translation. Everyone present on the field showed their respect for the country by rising for the national anthem.

The welcome speech by our young children soothed everyone’s ears. The captains took an oath to play fairly and obey all the rules. The Oath ceremony was followed by a colourful and rhythmic performance.IMG_2022

Sports is the only field where one experiences victory and defeat at the same wave length. The children truly believed in this thought and their main motto was to enjoy every event to the core. So to trigger their enthusiasm various events were held for them such as Baton relay, sack race, balloon burst, Obstacle relay, ball hurdle etc……..

The performance by the children truly made us believe that sports brings in energy in the hearts and minds. The inner talent of the child was discovered on the field.

Parents are the backbone in the development of a child so how could the day end without the involvement of parents. Some surprise events were planned for the lovely parents. The smile and zeal on the parent’s face during the event was a delight to watch.



Winning is not important but what really matters is participation. In BIS we truly believe in encouraging each and every child. The principal gave prizes to all the children which boasted their morale.

Every journey has its end and every path does stop somewhere which this beautiful thought, the sports festival came to an end leaving thrilling memories in the hearts of each and everyone present there.



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