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Field Trip for Kindergarten – Sharjah Discovery Center

Field trips are not only lots of fun but they can also be valuable learning experiences for young children. 

They can help build background knowledge and vocabulary that are important for school life.  The purpose of every trip is usually observation for education, with experiences outside their everyday activities.

The kindergarten students were encouraged to explore their interests and unleash their full potential to learn about Sharjah Discovery Center and its facilities.

Sporting experiences and the different zoned areas was part of their journey plan and our little ones steered their way through with great curiosity.  It was a great visual and informative trip.  They looked super cute and had lots of fun as their learning experiences were valuable.  At Sharjah Discovery Center excitement and enthusiasm was visible all around.  Our young minds were engaged, motivated and had opportunities to explore and play with a range of games to support their learning and demonstrate their understanding of every zone.  The trip had a positive impact on learning and our little ones experienced more hands on learning on the interactive displays.

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