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Kindergarten Concert: Saturday, 20th April 2019

Kindergarten Concerts can be fun and enriching.  It all depends on our focus!

At British International School our main focus and consideration when planning were our little ones.  They enjoyed the group fun with other children as they practiced over and over again to make it a day to remember.  Tiny in size, yet with talent.  Our little ones danced and sang their hearts out during their performances.

Themed ‘Timeless Tales and Musical Moments’ they all put up a captivating performance for the audience.  Concert was evidence that our students have achieved much balance in their development through well-planned learning activities and facilities that could stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination.

Concert always a platform boosting school readiness incorporated skills such as concentration, listening and following directions, shaping attitudes for a life time and building up on their early school years.

The costumes were well coordinated with music to match the theme and our students looked wonderful ranging from different colour shades.  There was a lot of excitement in the air and the children dazzled their parents with their amazing performances.  Concert always being fun was the topic of discussion during rehearsals and our very own students amazed us.

Musical experiences are an important way to help create the right pathways.  The students actively participated and they made the strongest connections and kept to a steady beat.

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