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Kindergarten Healthy Food Competition hosted for the KG parents had 25 contestants. The aim and purpose of the Competition was educating our parents on Healthy Eating and Active Living.

A slice into the competition was to pack nutritious food and develop healthy eating habits.

Our parents came well equipped with their ingredients and modelled healthy eating for school lunches and showcased their culinary skills which was a learning lesson. Our Director of Academics was impressed with the healthier choices of food and was informed by the parents that as parents they would make positive changes for healthy packable foods. Our judges for the morning were Ms. Lana Al Kattan and Ms. Esraa Masoud from Soul to Positive Women Empowerment Campaign. Their judging criteria was based on originality and detail presentation of the food platter. To name some of the healthy snacks were fruits, vegetables, low-fat yoghurt, peanut butter, celery, whole-grain crackers, cheese, beans and nuts.

Our parents conveyed how they stock up on healthy food and work fruits and vegetables into daily routines, how they get their children involved, how they serve appropriate portions and keep a positive approach about food.

Each contestant walked away with a Certificate of Participation and the winners were pinned with sashes as ambassadors of Healthy Eating.

The message to our parents was Nutrition a guide to our Kindergarten students.

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