Kindergarten – UAE Flag Day, November 1st 2018

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Kindergarten – UAE Flag Day, November 1st 2018


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Patriotic spirit with a mini flag fluttering from their hands was part of the national occasion. Flag Day was marked at British International School with the elements of national identity.  The kindergarten students sang the country’s National Anthem and hoisted the flag atop their kindergarten block.  Our very own students dressed in the colours of the UAE as well as their traditional wear brought back memories of the UAE people and their efforts.  The entire school was covered in red, green, white and black.  It was an honour to be able to celebrate the rich history of the country and to share its culture with our little ones at BIS.  Flag Day enabled the faculty and students at BIS to show respect to this country by sharing its culture and national celebrations.  It was a great introduction for our children into the culture of our host country.

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