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Foundation Stage Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meeting, Parent Teacher Student Conference or rightly called a Learning Conference.

The PTM was held in each of the FS1 & FS2 classrooms. During the conference not only did the parents hear from their child’s class teacher, but were also asking questions and were sharing thoughts so that teachers and parents could become partners in education. The commonly asked questions were- Does my child participate, is my child progressing, what is it that my child does the best or what is it that s/he does not and so on….

The Teachers shared classroom observations, learning journeys, activities completed by the little ones along with the First Term Report Card. Parents embraced the day ending with remarks and their feedback.

It was a great opportunity for parents involved in their child’s   education to meet and not only share academic progress but also identify responsibilities and establish goals for a child’s academic career, thus making it altogether a successful experience for both Parents and Teachers!

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