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The Kindergarten PTM was scheduled for Thursday, 04th May 2023 from 12:30pm to 3:00pm. The KG1 and KG2 teachers had their one to one sessions with the parents in their respective classrooms while the Arabic and Islamic teachers were spaced out in separate classrooms including the multi-purpose hall to maintain a systematic order to avoid the overcrowding of parents.
The quote “Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations” is what we at BIS Kindergarten aim to always prioritize.
The teachers highlighted the progress of their students learning, and discussed the next steps that is to be achieved in the third term. The teachers explained in brief the classification system of “Blooms Taxonomy” which includes a hierarchical system of learning objectives from simple to complex which is incorporated in our lesson planning and ppt’s and will be evident in lesson delivery as the thinking skills and the cognitive domains of the children will be challenged in the 6 areas of progression namely, remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create.
Most of the parents were enthusiastic about the upcoming concert and were curious to know details about the venue, costumes and dates.
The parents were able to voice out their concerns and suggestions and the teachers were able to assist them along with the SMT’s reaching out to parents to address the matters to make them feel at ease.
The parents gave positive oral and written feedback and the pictures of the PTM were captured for Instagram uploads and our records.

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