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Yellow Colour Day – 26th October 2017

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The colour ‘Yellow’ is often used for children’s toys and clothes.  It’s the colour that captures our attention more than any other colour.  Yellow is the best colour to boost enthusiasm and the Foundation Stage students contributed with greater confidence and optimism.

Colour ‘Yellow’ was the entertainer for the morning at British International School.  The colour was related to learning, music and movement, recipes and snacks, games and activities that encouraged and motivated our little ones to find new ways of doing things.

Our Yellow Music Station where music was alive all through the day had children singing and dancing with their musical instruments.  The ‘Game Zone’ which is a popular stop was meant for individual learning.  It created an exciting and an independent based learning environment for our students.

The students had a lot of fun while they explored with different educational resources.  Activities were designed around specific objectives and it was a great way to complement in class learning.

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