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Recruitment fraud generally uses online services such as email, websites, or chat rooms to present fraudulent employment solicitations. Recruitment fraud schemes can take many forms which may change over time. Common recruitment fraud scams include the following:

Establishment of a counterfeit website featuring the school’s name, logo, and certain contact information. The perpetrators of this type of fraud hope internet users will log on to the site and submit personal information on the recruiting Web page or call a bogus contact number, which will result in the caller receiving excessive long-distance charges.

Sending emails purporting to be from the school. These emails will request the recipient to reply with an email containing personal information or to log onto a counterfeit Web site and submit personal information.

Sending emails purporting to be from independent recruiters. These emails will request the payment of money via Western Union or Paypal or any other means in order to secure a position with the school or to cover travel expenses or visa fees. The purported recruiters are fraudulent and will retain the money without providing any promised services.


To identify and avoid recruitment fraud, please keep the following in mind:

British International School (or any of the organizations that recruit on behalf of British International School, Ajman) never asks for any money from applicants. Applicants are never asked to pay for travel, immigration, or other fees or expenses.

British International School- Ajman, email addresses always end in “” Any email purporting to be from BIS which uses a different format is not genuine. BIS will never request a prospective applicant to email information to an email address not ending in “”

British International School’s website always begin with the following:


Any other format is not genuine. BIS will never request a prospective applicant to visit a website with any address other than the one listed above.


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